T-Shirt Graphic Size and Placement



If you are decorating across a broad size scale ( Youth Small to Adult 2X-6X) you may need to create two sets of screens at differs sizes. For example, a 9.5" version and a 12" version.

Most fronts should be placed 2" -3.5" ( 2-3 finger width) below the front collar.

Horizontal Reference Line- The chest line is an imaginary line that runs across the center the chest connecting the bottom of each armhole ( where it intersects with the side seam ).


Vertical Reference Line- Center Line. Most t-shirts have a fold crease down the center of the shirt.


The focal point of the design should be centered on the intersection of the center line and the chest line.


3"-4" Wide
by Proportional Height


Vertical Reference Line- Imagine a vertical line starting where the neck opening meets the shoulder seem


Horizontal Reference Line- Imagine a horizontal line running across the chest from the bottom of the arm hole ( where it meets the side seam to the other arm hole.


Center the left chest design where these two lines intersect.



Size landscape designs ( wider than tall) closer to 4" wide so the design doesn't appear too short.


Size portraits designs ( taller than wide) closer to 3" wide to avoid appearing too tall on the shirt.